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From a relatively boring office space to one of the most fun designs to date. This project was a pure joy. MorePeople’s culture couldn’t be more up our street. Daring, innovative and fresh, we were able to let our creative minds run wild. Our goal was to create a working environment where people actually wanted to be. We wanted MorePeople to be proud of the space and look forward to getting to the office each morning.

With plenty of green spaces (we literally installed artificial grass), the collaborative area is one big playground. We create a space that is hugely navigable so that the team could practice their golf swing, turn the rewards chart, or meet for an informal lunch. This space allows teams to bond, collaborate, and communicate in a modern and productive way, whilst remaining a talking-point for clients. The space is refreshingly different to reflect MorePeople.

Throughout the workspace, we created feature walls using wraps. We had two meeting rooms and the main office back wall with fully wrapped walls made bespoke to MorePeople. Our teams carefully choose the wrapped walls based on AV and technology points to ensure that MorePeople got the most of the ready-made backgrounds during client calls and virtual meetings.

The team designed and installed a modern and functional kitchen in black with flush handles. This matches with the workstations installed within the main office area. Lightwood tops, black peds and black cabinet with planters created a highly functional workspace whilst remaining the modern feel of the rest of the office. In keeping with the social area, the team created a biophilic feel to the working space through the planters and wrapped wall.

This was one of our most fun projects to date. The team loved managing this project from conception through to completion. Seeing a modern office be created into a fun, adults playground was a real joy to design and create.

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