SO FETCH – are offices going out of fashion?

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SO FETCH – are offices going out of fashion?

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Over the last two years, we have seen a yearning for social interaction, growth, and learning. People want to share knowledge, learn and problem solve, together. We are constantly communicating with people whether that is in person or remotely. It is basic human nature – actually, a human need – for interaction, collaboration, and camaraderie. This is something that the pandemic had threatened to take away from us.

Despite some differing opinions, we don’t think that the requirement of offices is going away any time soon. Naturally, people need a sense of security, comfort, and togetherness. We have seen a real mix of different needs and functions for office spaces. There is no right or wrong way to do things whilst we are all getting used to the new hybrid way of working. What people need from an office has changed greatly compared to pre-pandemic. We are in a period of transition, and our offices reflect that.

“More and more, we are seeing customers wanting something different from their office space. This is not just somewhere to work anymore, but a place where people can meet, be social, and share ideas. Gone are the days of the separate rooms, an open space office with the opportunity for privacy with pods or glass partitions is where offices are at.” HAYLEY – Project Lead.

Ultimately, we are creating more physical spaces that offer different options of working and meeting. For projects, we have designed un-intrusive Crittall doors, partition walls, and movable office screens to create privacy but still be part of the office community. Technologies and AV play an important role in the new office environment, allowing people the autonomy to work from home and connect back to the office, or visa versa.

Whilst the office doesn’t look like it did back in 2019, the office space has not lost its relevance. It is only the beginning. In a modern office, the space needs to accommodate collaboration and communication, as well as the opportunity to learn, relax, and socialise. Its everything in one. Home, office, meeting place.

So, in a landscape in which everyone is scaling down, is it time to scale up? Get in touch.


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