The Future of Office Interior Design: Key Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

June saw the 15th year of Clerkenwell Design Week – one of the most anticipated design events of the industry. Despite the very British weather, the Bates Studio team was out in full force to see what London’s creative hub had to offer. This year’s showcase was a vibrant showcase of creativity, innovation and forward-thinking office interior design solutions.

Trends in Office Interior Design

Here are some of our standout office interior design trends and product launches that defined CDW 2024.

1. Hotelification

This trend, known as ‘office hotelification’, presents a shift away from the traditional corporate environments towards more adaptable, welcoming and productive spaced. Inspired by the hospitality industry, this change is redefining how we perceive and interact with our workspaces, significantly impacting employee satisfaction, efficiency and overall wellbeing.

The boundaries between work and leisure have become blurred and blended. Office receptions are more than just pass-through areas; they tell a story and create the first impression. They have started to exude warmth and elegance, creating inviting spaces that promote collaboration, creativity and a sense of belonging.

2. Transforming Waste

Sustainability took centre stage at CDW 2024, with designers, manufacturers, and exhibitors emphasizing eco-friendly practices and material. From recycled and upcycled products to innovative uses of sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood, the event highlighted the industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

This year’s focus was firmly on making use of waste products. We saw a mindful curation of design, craft-based production, and material responsibility. The likes of Gresham and Orangebox launched their most sustainable products yet, highlighting that more can always be done.

3. Soft Textures & Tactile Finishes

Tactile finishes influenced a lot of the showcases at CDW this year. The need to touch and feel underscores the growing recognition of sensory-friendly materials. Much to our team’s delight, boucle is still very much in. Catching up with the home interior trend, warmth was added to spaces through the addition of textures and soft colours; materials that have natural tactility as well as visual interest.

Elegant curves, tactile boucle, and exposed woodwork all played their part in CDW this year. We saw the harmonisation of aesthetic appeal and durability. Such as the use of track curtains to add functionality and comfort to multi-purpose spaces that need to stay flexible. Partitioning curtains of varying colours, textures and transparency highlighted that zoning doesn’t have to be permanent, or boring.

4. Earthy Tones (with a difference)

Whereas in Milan Design Week, we saw 1970s-influenced warmer toes (oranges and rich browns), Clerkenwell brought a more romantic twist with pastel pinks and dusty reds, alongside soft blues and greens. The colour palettes were heavily inspired by the colours of natural surfaces. Gone are the Barbiecore hues dominating 2023, CDW welcomed earthy yet vibrant tones brining a sense of warmth and wellbeing to interiors.

The unique blend of earth tones and cool pops of colour help create a dynamic, warm, and eclectic atmosphere. Both whimsical and rich, making this year’s interiors eye-catching and unexpected. Of course, biophilic designs are here to stay yet again with living walls, plants, and show-stopping trees adding to the earthy vibes.

New Office Furniture Product Launches

1. Kulture Rox Chair & Table

Gresham launched their new Kulture Rox chair and accompanying table. Living up to its strap line of ‘Anything but Ordinary’, the table components are produced completely from the cutouts from the chair arm. Beautifully crafted, and brilliantly innovative, the contemporary rocking chair lifts any space with its elegant silhouette.

2. Remi Lounge Chair

Boss Design’s new tub chair collection is designed to reflect nature and is sustainably manufactured to back this up. The chair is made with Bio-Pur injection moulded polyurethan foam – a renewable material derived from agricultural sources. This polyurethan foam has a carbon footprint 75 per cent lower than polyurethane foam made using fossil fuels. The chair components are sourced from the UK and has an FSC-certified plywood frame and a steel frame and base. The design is inspired by flowers opening in spring and conical seashells, in harmony with its impressive environmental credentials.

3. Patternmaker

Celebrating 50-years, Camira Fabrics launched Patternmaker which is inspired from nature, art and architecture. Using state-of-the-art digital print technology and created in collaboration with textile designer, Kate Lawrie, the four designs – Crosshatch, Dot Dash, Hula and Speckle – are brought to life on a pure new wool felted fabric base. The new collection is a celebration of innovative printed design and classic woven fabrics.

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